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  Unit# Year Make Model Engine Sleeper Transmission Price
KV4300602015KenworthT370PACCAR  PX-9  6 SpeedCall!
KD4234192015KenworthT880Paccar  MX  50052" Mid RoofRTLO18918BCall!
KD4261592015KenworthT470Paccar  PX9  3303000RDSCall!
KP4233182015KenworthT880PACCAR  MX-13  455NonFRO16210CCall!
KV4388542015KenworthT370PACCAR  PX-7  3506 SpeedCall!
KD4268542015KenworthT880Cummins  ISX  525RTLO18918BCall!
KV4360482015KenworthT880PACCAR  MX-13  50052" Regional SlRTLO18918BCall!
KC4427252015KenworthT680PACCAR  MX13  48576"AerodyneFO16E313A-MHPCall!
KN4458972015KenworthT680PACCAR  MX-13  48576" AREODYNERTLO16913ACall!
KC4457142015KenworthT680PACCAR  MX13  48576"AerodyneRTLO16913ACall!
KD4268582015KenworthT880Cummins  ISX 525  525RTLO18918BCall!
KD4395762015KenworthT370PACCAR  PX-7  3253000RDSCall!
KN4458982015KenworthT880PACCAR  MX-13  500RTL018918BCall!
KC4457152015KenworthW900LCummins  ISX  55072"ACARTL018918BCall!
KD3910672014KenworthT800Cummins  ISX  525RTLO18918BCall!
KP5802622013KenworthK370PACCAR  PX-6  2502100RDSCall!
KP5802692013KenworthK370PACCAR  PX6  5 SpeedCall!
KP5802712013KenworthK370PACCAR  PX6  2605 SPEEDCall!
PS3498842013KenworthT660PACCAR  MX  48572"ACARTLO16913A $102,900
PC3527032013KenworthT800PACCAR  MX  45562" Aerocab F/TFRO16210C $89,900
PD9568212012KenworthT660PACCAR  MX  45586" StudioRTLO16913A $89,900
PC3315992012KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  45086"ACARTLO16913A $93,900
PC3315982012KenworthT660Cummins  ISX  45086"ACARTLO16913A $91,900
PC2964592012KenworthT800PACCAR  MX  455NonRTO16908LL $94,900
PC3072682012KenworthT800PACCAR  MX  455NonFRO16210C $98,900
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